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With Ulrich Gregor and Reinhard Hauff Mrinal Sen At Cannes Film Festival At Cannes Film Festival Mrinal Sen
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Gita Sen Mrinal Sen, in a meeting Mrinal Sen Mrinal sen Mrinal Sen
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With Reinhard Hauff Gita and Mrinal Mrinal Sen At Cannes Film Festival Mrinal Sen
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At Cannes Film Festival With Nisha, Kunal, and Gita in Chicago Mrinal sen At the Beltala flat With Reinhard Hauff
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Ravi Shankar during music recording of Genesis Mrinal sen Mrinal sen Mrinal Sen Mrinal Sen in a meeting
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Mrinal, shooting in Calcutta Mrinal Sen With Shyamanand Jalan With Indore Sen With is brother, Kartik Sen
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Mrinal Sen Mrinal Sen Mrinal Sen Withe cameraman Shashi Anand Mrinal Sen
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Gita and Mrinal Mrinal Sen With his cameraman, Sambit Bose During shooting of Akaler Shandhaney Gita Sen
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Gita and Shyam Benegal, while shooting his film Arohon Nisha and Kunal leaving for Chicago Gita and Kunal at their Brussels apartment during post-production work of Genesis Gita and Kunal in Brussels Mrinal and Gita in Brussels where European winter forced both of them to wear western cloths