Always Being Born

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Always Being Born

Language English
Author Mrinal Sen
Publisher Stellar Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
First Published 2004
By accident , a maker of films, I am what I am. My city, mercilessly maligned and dangerously loved, in  a way, is a state of mind. Good or bad, yes or no, they know me as an iconoclast. --- Mrinal Sen

Sen, the narrator, always banked on his spontaneity, while experimenting with his chosen medium. An 'agent provocateur', his films have triggered debates, defying the frontiers created and closely guarded by the conservatives. This buoyant social commentator has continued to confront, fight and survive on those very pressures that propelled him to look beyond and dream--- a dream that drew a very fine line between fantasy and reality--- a discerning distinction between fact and fiction....!

In this book Mrinal Sen tells stories of his life and times as personal anecdotes.


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