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Antareen  (The Confined)


Language Bengali (1993, Colour)
Producer N.F.D.C.
Story Sadat Hasan Manto
Camera Sashi Anand
Music Sashi Anand
Cast Anjan Dutt
Dimple Kapadia


antareen2f.jpg (34138 bytes) Anjan Dutta
Dimple Kapadia antareen3f.jpg (29839 bytes)
antareen4f.jpg (39863 bytes) Dimple Kapadia
Anjan Dutta antareen5f.jpg (32458 bytes)
antareen9f.jpg (33459 bytes) Anjan Dutta in the train sequence
Dimple Kapadia in the final train sequence antareen10f.jpg (25839 bytes)
antareen6f.jpg (44180 bytes) Dimple Kapadia and Mrinal sen in the balcony of a high rise building in South Calcutta, where half of the film was shot
Mrinal Sen explaing a scene to Dimple Kapadia antareen7f.jpg (29585 bytes)
antareen8f.jpg (37744 bytes) Mrinal Sen during shooting at the old mansion, where the other half of the film was shot. The actor to the left is Satya Bandopadhyay
Mrinal Sen with cinematographer Sashi Anand, who also composed the music for the film antareen12f.jpg (35025 bytes)
antareen11f.jpg (54772 bytes) The original brochure of Antareen