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Calcutta 71  (Calcutta 71)



A young man, eternally 20, walks through history, through poverty, squalor and death. Eternally 20 and killed so many times -- killed because he has been protesting and has remained an agent-provocateur. He comes and goes, between stories, each story having an independent set-up and new characters, but all stories harping on the eternal reality: Poverty and Degradation. While the physical look of poverty and hunger remains unchanged, it is the mind and attitude that keeps on changing. At the end, the young man of 20 appears on the screen again, just killed, and “incites” the spectators to react.  
Language Bengali (1972. Black & white)
Producer D. S. Pictures
Story Manik Bandopadhyay
Probodh Sanyal
Samaresh Basu
Ajitesh Bannerjee
Camera K. K. Mahajan
Music Ananda Shankar
Cast Utpal Dutt
Devraj Roy
Satya Bannerjee
Madhabi Chakraborty
Gita Sen
Mithu Nandi
Awards National Award - Second Best Film
National Award - Best Cinematography (K. K. Mahajan)


calcutta9j.jpg (51723 bytes) Suhashini Mulay in the first sequence of the film. This is her second acting role, after Bhuvan Shome


Gita Sen in the 1953 episode calcutta3j.jpg (44726 bytes)
calcutta4j.jpg (39235 bytes) Satya Bannerjee in the 1933 episode
From the 1943 episode calcutta5j.jpg (38683 bytes)
calcutta6j.jpg (31408 bytes) Madhabi Mukherkjee in the 1943 episode. This is her second film with Mrinal Sen, after a long gap since Baishe Shravana.
A scene from the 1953 episode calcutta7j.jpg (27189 bytes)
calcutta8j.jpg (32646 bytes) Rudraprasad Sengupta and Ajitesh Bannerjee in the 1971 party episode. This episode was also written by Ajitesh Bannerjee.
The rock band, lead by Cyrus Tata, that played in the party episode. The music was composed by Ananda Shankar. calcutta10j.jpg (29833 bytes)
Kolkata 71.jpg (247799 bytes) Original Poster
Original Brochure, designed by Abhijit Gupta Cal 71 inside 1.jpg (375086 bytes)  Cal 71 inside 2.jpg (237905 bytes)