Calcutta My Eldorado

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Calcutta My Eldorado


This twelve part episodic film was directed by twelve international film directors. Each director created a short film on his/her own city.The directors included Penell, Kieslowski, Sen, Tarr, Guenil and others. 

Language English (1990, Colour)
Producer Rijneke and Van Leeuwaarden of Rotterdam Films


From the film's poster:  "The mega-city of Calcutta is a city abounding with contrasts: overcrowded and empty, poor and rich, with floods and draughts alternating. The city as a fermenting organism that grows and flourishes and always excites. A city to love and to hate."

A veiw of Howrah Bridge

Mrinal Sen & Mildred van Leeuwaarden

A shot from the film