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Chalchitra  (The Kaleidoscope)




A young ebullient and sensitive Calcuttan meets the editor of a leading newspaper and is assigned to 'do' a newsy yet intimate story of his own middle class milieu within two days. The young man, endowed with erratic  enthusiasm, sets every bit of situation he comes across to critical analysis, but fails to build a wholesome  reportage. Utterly desperate, he even acts as catalyst but with no tangible effect. In a confused state of  mind he dreams an absurd dream full of fury and a deep annoyance at the bourgeoisie. What follows is a  second meeting with the editor and an inevitable compromise.  
Language Bengali (1981, Black & White)
Producer D. K. Films
Story Mrinal Sen
Camera K. K. Mahajan
Music Aloke Nath Dey
Cast Anjan Dutta
Gita Sen
Utpal Dutta
Kausik Sen


chal2j.jpg (31747 bytes) Gita Sen and Anjan Dutta. Gita Sen had a pivotal role in this film
Gita Sen and Anjan Dutta chal3j.jpg (37904 bytes)
chal4j.jpg (35164 bytes) Anjan Dutta and Utpal Dutt
Anjan Dutta and Gita Sen. This is the building where the film was shot chal5j.jpg (60155 bytes)
chal6j.jpg (28228 bytes) A fantasy sequence
Gita Sen and Anjan Dutt chal7j.jpg (40153 bytes)
chal8j.jpg (39690 bytes) Anjan Dutt