Ek Adhuri Kahani

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Ek Adhuri Kahani  (An Unfinished Story)




The locale is a sugar mill and its neighborhood where the workers are deprived of bare necessities and the farmers cheated. A young man comes from the city and starts a new job as a clerk. He gets to know the place and the people -- the workers and the farmers. Familiarity grows. The year of depression advances. Crises deepens and spreads all over the world. Community of dangers unite the workers of the mill and the farmerís of the neighborhood. They get ready to explode. The young clerk betrays. The voice of the militants is silenced. As simple as that, as ruthless as that. And that is not all.  
Language Hindi (1971, Black & White)
Producer Arun Kaul Productions
Story Subodh Ghosh
Camera K. K. Mahajan
Music Vijay Raghav Rao
Cast Vivek Chatterjee
Utpal Dutt
Arati Bhattacharjee
Sekhar Chatterjee
Awards Special Jury Award - Mannheim Film Festival


ekadhuri2j.jpg (33149 bytes) Arati Bhattacharjee. This was her first film.
Arati Bhattacharjee. The film was shot in a village near Patna, in the state of Bihar. ekadhuri3j.jpg (60606 bytes)
ekadhuri4j.jpg (31932 bytes) Shekhar Chatterjee and Jnanesh Mukherjee
Vivek Chatterjee and Arati Bhattacharjee. It was also Vivek's first film. ekadhuri5j.jpg (26683 bytes)
ekadhuri6j.jpg (18983 bytes) Arati Bhattacharjee
Gnanesh Mukherjee ekadhuri7j.jpg (28270 bytes)
ekadhuri8j.jpg (15956 bytes) Arati Bhattacharjee