Ek Din Pratidin

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Ek Din Pratidin  (A Day Like Any Other)




The bread-winning daughter in a middle-class family fails to return from work one evening. The night begins with worries at home, followed by midnight searches and finally a deepening crisis arising out of economic and moral constraints prevalent in the society. Yet the film speaks of hope, of strength hidden behind despair.  
Language Bengali (1979, Colour)
Producer Mrinal Sen Productions
Story Amalendu Chakraborty
Camera K. K. Mahajan
Music B. V. Karanth
Cast Satya Bannerjee
Gita Sen
Sreela Mazumder
Mamata Shankar
Tapan Das
Umanath Bhattacharya
Awards National Award - Best Film in Bengali
National Award - Best Director
National Award - Best Editing (Gangadhar Naskar)


ekdin2j.jpg (30115 bytes) Gita Sen, Mrinal Sen's wife is playing the mother
Sreela Mazumder, the younger sister ekdin3j.jpg (35865 bytes)
ekdin4j.jpg (21817 bytes) Satya Bannerjee, the father
Geeta Sen ekdin6j.jpg (25593 bytes)
ekdin7j.jpg (38658 bytes) Shooting in his neighborhood pharmacy, Amrita
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