Ekdin Achanak

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Ekdin Achanak  (Suddenly, One Day)


It is the story of a man -- of one among many. Suddenly one day the man, a retired professor, disappears. Days roll into months, life goes on, but the children and the wife keep on looking back. The lost man appears on the scene over and over again -- all fragmented encounters between him and others, all that happened in the past which freely intermingle with the present. Thus, through unceasing dialogue between the past and the present, life of the interior begins to unfold itself revealing receptions an diverse levels and eventually cutting the man to his size.  
Language Hindi (1989, Colour)
Producer N.F.D.C.
Story Ramapada Choudhury
Camera K. K. Mahajan
Music Jyotishka Dasgupta
Cast Shriram Lagoo
Shabana Azmi
Uttara Baokar
Aparna sen
Rupa Ganguly
Awards National Award - Best Supporting Acterss (Uttara Baokar)


achanak2f.jpg (35743 bytes) Shabana Azmi and Uttara Baokar
Shabana Azmi. The painting of the horse in the background can be found in may of his films. He got this Chinese painting as a gift while making Neel Akasher Nichey achanak3f.jpg (27383 bytes)
achanak4.jpg (41200 bytes) Rupa Ganguly and Shabana Azmi
Mrinal Sen explaining a scene to Rupa Ganguly, Anil Chatterjee, and Aparna Sen achanak5f.jpg (31993 bytes)
achanak6f.jpg (31220 bytes) Sriram Lagoo and Mrinal Sen
Sriram Lagoo, Shabana Azmi, and Mrinal Sen achanak7f.jpg (34951 bytes)
achanak8f.jpg (39143 bytes) A book mark used in the film, which was found inside a book that the missing professor was reading. The handwriting here is actually Mrinal Sen's