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Amar Bhuban This, My Land 2002
Antareen The Confined 1993
Mahaprithibi World Within, World Without 1991
Ek Din Achanak Suddenly, One Day 1989
Genesis Genesis 1986
Khandahar The Ruins 1983
Kharij The Case is Closed 1982
Chalchitra The Kaleidoscope 1981
Akaler Shandhaney In Search of Famine 1980
Ek Din Pratidin And Quite Rolls the Dawn 1979
Parashuram The Man with the Axe 1978
Oka Oori Katha The Outsiders 1977
Mrigaya The Royal Hunt 1976
Chorus Chorus 1974
Padatik The Guerilla Fighter 1973
Calcutta 71 Calcutta 71 1972
Ek Adhuri Kahani An Unfinished Story 1971
Interview Interview 1970
Bhuvan Shome Mr. Shome 1969
Matira Manisha Two Brothers 1966
Akash Kusum Up in the Clouds 1965
Protinidhi The Representative 1964
Abasheshe And at Last 1963
Punascha Over Again 1961
Baishey Sravana Wedding Day 1960
Neel Akasher Niche Under the Blue Sky 1958
Raat Bhore The Dawn 1955