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Interview  (Interview)




A dawn to dusk account of a young man in search of a job. This is his day of an interview in a swell Indo-British firm where, logically, he has to look his best. His only suit, a complete one, is in the laundry, and as luck would have it, all city laundries are on strike from that morning. The film is an intense search for a new suit to be borrowed from any of his friends, the loss of a good one procured that way, again a frantic search, and finally the interview—all erratic blending of fictional narrative, news reel coverage and near-cinema-verite type documentation. The film ends with a strange interview between the dejected young man and an unseen spectator who has watched him since the film started. And at last the film arrives at a moment of judgment  -- that of the value-world.  
Language Bengali (1970, Black & White)
Producer Mrinal Sen Productions
Story Ashish Barman
Camera K. K. Mahajan
Music Vijay Raghav Rao
Cast Ranjit Mallick
Karuna Bannerjee
Sekhar Chatterjee
Bulbul Mukherjee
Awards Critics Award - Sri Lanka Film Festival
Best Actor - Karlovy Vary Film Festival (Ranjit Mallick)


interview2j.jpg (23599 bytes)

Mamata and Karuna Bannerjee

Bulbul Mukherjee

interview3j.jpg (26797 bytes)
interview4j.jpg (43606 bytes) Mrinal Sen directing Ranjit Mallick and Shekhar Chatterjee. The Market scene was shot at Lake Market in South Calcutta.
The Interview sequence, shot in the conference room of IBM in Calcutta. Interestingly, the film displays a slogan where computers are viewed as "job eating machines" interview5j.jpg (35844 bytes)
interview6j.jpg (27036 bytes) Mrinal Sen directing Bulbul Mukherjee