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Kharij  (The Case is Closed)




The servant boy, a minor, engaged in a middle class family dies mysteriously locked in a kitchen. Police enquiries reveal he was sleeping in the kitchen near a burning coal oven to keep himself warm in winder. Post-mortem report confirms death by carbon-monoxide gas poisoning. The happy household is suddenly thrown into a psychological trauma. Torn between a sense of guilt and fear of a police case and consequently scandal, the young employer and his wife expose their petty, hypocritical selves. Fearing accusation from the father of the deceased, they make futile attempts to please him. That nothing happens to them and the father departs quietly, leaves them completely defeated and crushed.  
Language Bengali (1982, Colour)
Producer Neelkantha Films
Story Ramapada Choudhury
Camera K. K. Mahajan
Music B. V. Karanth
Cast Anjan Dutta
Mamata Shankar
Awards National Award - Second Best Film
National Award - Best Film in Bengali
National Award - Best Editing (Gangadhar Naskar)
National Award - Best Art Direction (Nitish Roy)
Cannes Film Festival - Jury Award
Chicago Film Festivan - Bronze Hugo
Valladoid Film Festival - Golden Spike


kharij2f.jpg (47786 bytes) The father of the young servant boy and his friends coming back from the crematorium