Matira Manisha

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Matira Manisha  (Two Brothers)




Working outside Bengal for the first time, Sen sets the film in Orissa. The film contrasts traditional and modern values as exemplified by divergent attitudes of two brothers to their inherited land. Such divergence in attitudes is intensified during war years when native exploiters and controllers of agrarian economy appear on the scene. Interestingly, no conclusion is drawn and no judgment is offered in the film. The spectator is asked to watch and, in the process, to get involved, to question.  
Language Oriya (1966, Black & White)
Producer Chhyabani
Story Kalindi Charan Panigrahi
Camera Sailaja Chatterjee
Music B. Mishra
Cast Prasanta Nanda
Sarat Pujari
Awards National Award - Best Film in Oriya


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The wife of the elder brother

During location shooting. The person looking through a viewer is Sailaja Chatterjee, known to his friends as Paul, was Mrinal Sen's cameraman for all his earlier films. Person standing next to the camera is Joy, his assistant.

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During location shooting in Orissa. The person being garlanded in Babulal Dosi, the financier of the film. Mrinal sen is at the right.