Oka Oori Katha

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Oka Oori Katha  (The Outsiders)



Venkaikh is a strange man, living in a queer world of his own with his son Kistaiah. Through worldly experiences and an inner strength the father and the son have learnt to conquer hunger. The villagers call them freaks beyond correction. To Venkaiah and his son the poor farmers are a pack of fools destined to work for the rich and suffer.

Kistaiah wants to marry Nilamma. The father is against the marriage because it inevitably leads to involvement, involvement to disaster. Kistaiah is adamant. In the family of the reckless two enters a third unit, Nilamma.

Nilamma works very hard to bring order in the family, Venkaiah goes his usual way. Kistaiah stands between the two extremes. The inevitable happens; there is bitterness in the family, which soon takes a terrible shape. In course of time Nilamma conceives. One day when the father and son return after raiding someone’s garden, they find Nilamma in acute pain. The father refuses to call a mid-wife and in the morning Kistaiah finds his wife lying dead.

They decide to give Nilamma a proper funeral. It is also a good excuse to make some money. They go begging around the village and gather a fair amount of money and decide to spend it on drinks after all….


Language Telugu (1977, Colour)
Producer A. Parandhana Reddy
Story Munsi Premchand
Camera K. K. Mahajan
Music Vijay Raghava Rao
Cast Vasudeva Rao
Narayana Rao
Mamata Shankar
Award National Award - Best Film in Telugu
Karlovy Vary Film Festival - Special Jury Award
Carthage Film Festival - Special Award


oka2j.jpg (44202 bytes) Vasudeva Rao, the father
Narayana Rao, the son, and his wife Mamata Shankar oka3j.jpg (26230 bytes)
oka4j.jpg (41381 bytes) Vasudeva Rao
Vasudeva Rao and Narayana Rao oka5j.jpg (39885 bytes)
oka6j.jpg (70301 bytes) Mamata Shankar
Mrinal Sen in location . The entire film was shot in the Telengana district of Andhra Pradesh oka7j.jpg (53630 bytes)
oka9j.jpg (56992 bytes) Mrinal Sen instructing Vasudeva Rao and Narayana Rao
Poster, designed by Abhijit Gupta