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Parashuram  (The Man with the Axe)



Carrying an axe on his shoulder and preserving the strange memory of his encounter with a tiger, a rural migrant comes to the city and shares a temporary shelter with an old beggar in an abandoned graveyard. There are others, a vast lot of rural migrants, who, hoping against all hopes, spread out in the sprawling city and live sub-human existence.

Appears a girl from nowhere. She is a queer drifter, deserted by her husband, duped by another man and now in search of a “home”. She comes to the graveyard and enjoys a new life with the man with the axe. Later, the girl disappears into darkness, perhaps, for a better home.

The man is in frightful loneliness. And, there, in a strange fantasy, he wages a fierce battle with darkness. In darkness he meets his adversaries.


Language Bengali (1978, Black & White)
Producer Government of West Bengal
Story Mrinal Sen (based on a survey by Dr. Shubhendu Mukhopadhay)
Mohit Chattopadhayay
Camera Ranajit Roy
Music B. V. Karanth
Cast Arun Mukherjee
Sreela Mazumder
Sajal Roy Chowdhury
Bibhash Chakraborty
Reba Roy Chowdhury
Awards National Award - Special Mention
National Award - Best Actor (Arun Mukherjee)
Moscow Film Festival - Silver Medal


parashuram2j.jpg (30977 bytes) Sreela Mazumder and Bibhash Chakraborty
Sreela Mazumder and Arun Mukherjee. This was Arun Mukherjee's first film, but he was well known as a stage director and actor.  parashuram3j.jpg (42780 bytes)
parashuram4.j.jpg (37664 bytes) This was the first film by Sreela Mazumder
Bibhash Chakraborty parashuram5j.jpg (48797 bytes)
parashuram6j.jpg (40649 bytes) Sreela Mazumder
Sajal Roychowdhury parashuram7j.jpg (20919 bytes)
parashuram8j.jpg (43027 bytes) Mrinal Sen instructing Arun Mukherjee. The role got him the best actor's award in the National Film Awards
The film was entirely shot in an abandoned Muslim graveyard. Since then the graveyard has been entirely taken over by people who call it their home. parashuram9j.jpg (46490 bytes)
parashuram10j.jpg (33468 bytes) Mrinal Sen instructing Sreela
Original brochure parashuram11j.jpg (32204 bytes)
parashuram final copy.jpg (335446 bytes) Poster, designed by Abhijit Gupta