The Absence Trilogy

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The Absence Trilogy

Language English
Author Mrinal Sen
Publisher Seagull Books
First Published 1999
Film script in English for three of his films - And Quiet Rolls the Dawn, The Case is Closed, Suddenly, OneDay

Mrinal  Sen's films Ekdin Pratidin, Kharij, and Ekdin Achanak, considered amongst his best works are sensitive portrayals of middle-class psyche. Although not strictly following a trilogy, having been produced years apart, each in its own way deals centrally with the idea of absence of one member of the unit, exposing the absence of certain values, and leading to a qualitative change in relationships and attitudes amongst those left behind. A thoughtful and discursive introductory essay explores this common thread that runs through the structure of these three very different films.

This volume contains shot-by shot reconstruction-- post-production film scripts--of all three films, as well as a comprehensive introductory essay which reads them from the point of view of 'absence' and its impact on the present and future of the people involved. 



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