The Enemy Within

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The Enemy Within

Language English
Author Ed. Sumita S Chakravarty
Publisher Flicks Books
First Published 2000


From the book --

Mrinal  Sen is arguably India's most celebrated living filmmaker and is most socio-politically involved. Charting a path between art and political awareness, films such as interview (1970), Calcutta'71 (1972), Ekdin  Pratidin (1979) and Kharij (1982) comprise  rich variety of responses to Indian history and society in the latter half of this century. His concern has often focused on social conditions--poverty, unemployment, exploitation and injustice--particularly in his films about Calcutta. This collection of essays assesses Sen's films and their political, social and existential issues, and highlights their local and global resonance.

Sumita S Chakravarty teaches media and cultural studies at the New School for social Research in New York.


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